I have a 3 yo will your sunglass fit? 

We have had many 3 yo fit in our sunglasses and if it is a little too big they will grow into them pretty quickly. Upon checkout you may want to specify the age of your child and the sunglasses will be professionally adjusted to fit a little more snug. 

We recommend The Hepburn and The Harlem for smaller heads. 

Ordering Online and Prescriptions

What prescription are you able to do?

For best results we recommend upto +/-4.00 in prescription and upto +/-2.00 in astigmatism (cyl). We can do higher prescription but this may require a thinner lens to achieve optimum thickness and comfort for little faces, which will incur extra charge.

Our team will be in contact with you should your prescription sunglasses require a lens upgrade or isn't suitable for our sunglasses. 

If you are unsure and would like to confirm prior to purchasing, please email us a copy of your child's prescription and our team will get back to you on the suitability of the prescription for our sunglasses. 

Please ensure that your child's pupillary distance is written on the prescription. If you do not have this, you can ask your optometrist to measure it for you and have it written on the prescription. 

Do you make multifocal, extended focus, bifocal and antifatigue lens?

No we do not at present. It is best to order the above lenses through your optometrist so they can properly measure up the glasses for your child's eyes. 

What is the PD (pupillary distance) and do I have to have it?

The pupillary distance is simply the distance between your child’s pupils or the centre of their eyes. The pupillary distance is important to achieve the best visual outcome with the glasses. You can request your optometrist or ophthalmologist to measure your child’s pupillary distance or simply measure it yourself. Please click here to see how.

Glassess Care

How do I clean my child’s glasses?

It is recommended that your child’s glasses be cleaned daily to avoid build up of debris in the bevels and joints of the glasses and to prevent abrasive particles scratching the lens surface. Use the microfibre cloth provided and gently rub the lens surface. If you see small dust or sand particles, dip the glasses into a bowl of soapy luke warm water and gently rub the lenses with your clean fingers then rinse under gentle luke warm or cold tap water before drying it with the microfibre cloth provided. When the lens is wet you can use non-abrasive and non scented tissue to soak the left over water on the surface of the lenses. Always finish off drying the lens only with the microfibre cloth provided. Scented tissues such as aloe vera tissues will cloud the lens and you will find it never stays clean. Avoid using harmful chemicals such as methylated spirits, acetone or oils to clean your glasses.

Shipping and Returns

How much is shipping?

We provide free shipping within Australia on orders over $50. Standard Australian shipping for orders less than $50 is $9.00. International shipping fee is $20 or free with spends over $150 per transaction. 

How long will the glasses take to be made?

Standard Shipping: Non prescription sunglasses will take 3-7 days to deliver within Australia. If you are in regional or Western Australia, it may take upto 2 weeks for your orders t arrive. Prescription sunglasses usually take 14-21 days from date of order to delivery within Australia but may vary depending on the complexity of the prescription.  To ensure the product you receive is satisfactory, the items you have ordered will undergo a quality control check. 

Express shipping: Within Australia will take 1-3 days. 

International shipping usually adds another 7-14 days to domestic shipping times. 

Can you deliver to a PO Box?

Unfortunately not at this time

Do you deliver outside of Australia?

Yes. International shipping fee is $20 or free if you spend over $150 in one transaction. 

Health Funds

How can I claim on my health funds?

Jnr. Specs is an Australian owned and operated business. You will receive a tax invoice within 3 working days of your order with the health fund codes required for the claim. If you have an Australian private health insurance and is covered for optical benefits, you can show the tax invoice to receive a rebate if you’re eligible. You can only claim on prescription sunglasses and cannot claim any benefit for non-prescription sunglasses.

There are different levels of cover and to find your eligibility and rebate, you can contact your Health Fund directly or simply show them your tax invoice from your purchase with us. 

Why do I get very little on my health fund?

Each health fund works differently and within one Health Fund there are many levels of cover with different rebate entitlements. Some Health Fund works on a percentage cover while others give 100% upto your yearly maximum rebate entitlement.

Lets take Jill as an example, Jill is in a health fund that has 70% cover and up to $200 a year. This means Jill’s Health Fund will cover 70% of each frame cost and 70% of each lens cost until Jill has claimed a maximum of $200 in a year. So on one pair of glasses that costs $149.00 a Jill’s health fund will give back $49 on the frame and $55.3 back on the lenses. This means Jill has used up $104.30 out of her $200 she is entitled to in a year and will need to pay $44.70 out of her own pocket . If Jill gets 2 pairs of glasses with thinner lenses which costs her $299, Jill will be able to claim for $209.30 but because her rebate limit is $200 per year she will only be able to claim $200, she will have to pay $9.30 out of her own pocket. Lets now take Mark as another example. Mark’s Health Fund has 100% cover and covers up to $200 a year. On one pair of glasses that costs $149, Mark’s Health Fund will give back 100% and therefore Mark does not pay out of pocket and in fact he still has $51 available to spend on a second pair. On two pairs of glasses which costs her $299, Jill will be able to claim up to $200 a year and therefore has to pay $99 out of her own pocket.

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